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Susan Parker

Susan Parker

What’s the roof maintenance cost in New Jersey?

Wondering about roof maintenance costs in New Jersey? Basic upkeep starts at $99, but factors like roof size and design can influence the final price. Average Costs of Roof Maintenance in New Jersey When it comes to maintaining your roof in New Jersey, understanding the costs involved is crucial for homeowners. The average price for… 

mesh gutter guard

How to install gutter guards in New Jersey?

Install gutter guards in New Jersey with safety first. Assess gutters, choose suitable guards, clean and trim gutters, position and secure guards correctly, and perform regular maintenance. What is a Gutter Guard? A gutter guard is a protective covering designed to shield a rain gutter from unwanted debris, preventing clogs and ensuring the free flow… 

How to Replace Interior Doors in New Jersey?

Start with safety first, then measure your existing door. Remove its hinges, use tools such as door jigs, and align it perfectly. Once prepared, install the new door smoothly. Explore this guide for a detailed process. Safety Precautions When replacing interior doors in New Jersey, safety should always come first. Before beginning, always gather the… 

GAF Timberline Solar Shingle: What Are the Benefits?

A solar shingle roof installation is 79% less expensive compared to 2010, making them more accessible to homeowners. However, you may not find yourself attracted to the idea of having massive solar panels resting on mounts over your roof. Fortunately, now we have GAF Energy’s solar shingles. Throughout this guide, you’ll learn the basics of… 

How to get a quick roofing estimate

If you’re looking for a roof estimate you found the right place. AHC can provide you with a quick estimate via Instant Roofer. This new technology allows anyone in the United States to see their roof size and get the fastest estimate online in seconds. Call (908) 771-0123 to speak to a live representative.