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Solar Panel Roofs in New Jersey

Thinking about going solar? As a leading NJ solar company, American Home Contractors has a rich history in assisting local homeowners transition to sustainable solar energy. We specialize in the installation of GAF solar roofs, offering you a visually appealing, efficient solar solution that positively impacts your home and the environment. Join the clean energy movement with us, your trusted solar partner in New Jersey.

GAF DecoTech Roof-Integrated Solar System in New Jersey

American Home Contractors, among the best solar companies in NJ, is proud to install the GAF DecoTech® Roof-Integrated Solar System. This solar roof system, visually pleasing and cost-effective, offers a streamlined alternative to the standard rack-mounted solar panels. The DecoTech panels are attached directly onto the roof using a GAF-developed proprietary frame, bypassing traditional metal racks that raise panels above the roof surface. This unique fastening method, along with a sealed perimeter, safeguards the roof’s integrity and defends against moisture and leaks.

GAF Energy’s solar roofs, installed by your reliable NJ solar company, generate clean electricity cost-effectively, providing integrated protection, power, and precision. Trust AHC’s NJ solar experts to make this advantageous home update a simple process!

GAF Solar Elite Contractor in New Jersey

American Home Contractors is proud to be certified as a GAF Solar Elite Contractor as well as a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor, one of only a small handful in the nation. As a GAF Solar Elite Contractor, we are not only trained solar contractors, but also factory-certified roofing contractors. To become a GAF Solar Elite Contractor, a solar roofing contractor needs to show that they are:

Fully Licensed to Perform Solar Roofing Work

Insured for Your Protection

Water damage to rafters and wooden elements

Solid Reputation and Customer Satisfaction

Committed to Ongoing Professional Training

Understanding the Cost of Solar in NJ

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Investing in NJ solar energy isn’t just about clean power – it’s a smart financial move. The average cost of solar panels in NJ varies based on several factors. However, with solar incentives and financing options, the overall cost is often reduced, making solar a compelling choice for homeowners in New Jersey.

What Influences NJ Solar Installation Costs

When considering the cost of solar installation in NJ, a variety of factors come into play. These include:

  1. Home Energy Requirements: Your household energy needs play a significant role in determining the size and number of solar panels needed. Greater energy requirements may lead to a larger solar panel system and a higher overall cost.
  2. Roof Size and Condition: The size and condition of your roof can impact the installation cost. Larger roofs may accommodate more panels but might also require additional mounting equipment. Also, if your roof needs repairs before installation, this can add to the cost.
  3. Solar Panel Selection: There’s a wide range of solar panels available, each with different efficiency ratings and prices. High-efficiency panels might cost more upfront but could lead to more significant savings over time.
  4. Property Taxes: Although solar panel installation can increase property value, in NJ, solar PV systems are exempt from property tax assessments, which can offset some of the upfront costs.
  5. Solar Installation Company: Different solar installation companies in NJ offer varying prices. At American Home Contractors, we provide competitive pricing without compromising on quality, making us a preferred choice among solar companies in New Jersey.

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Benefits of Choosing Solar Panels

Elevate your energy control with solar panels in NJ. As one of the top NJ solar companies, American Home Contractors ensures your installation is done right, letting you harness the sun’s energy and reap long-term benefits.

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Environmental Effects

Opting for solar panels in NJ leads to a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. Solar is a clean, efficient energy source that helps mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and lessens our reliance on fossil fuels. By choosing NJ solar companies like American Home Contractors for your solar installation, you not only promote clean energy but also make an environmentally responsible choice for your home.

big savings from solar in nj

Financial Savings

A homeowner in New Jersey can save an estimated 25-year savings of $25,288 with GAF Solar Energy. Annual energy costs for standard energy can be extensive. Solar power reduces these costs significantly. Once your solar panels are installed, capturing the power of the sun is free! Solar panels also promote cost savings because they offer increased protection, which can extend the life of your roof in NJ.

icreased home value with solar panels in nj

Increased Home Value

Solar panels are a major selling point and will increase the resale value of your home. It is very appealing for a home buyer to see that a home already has solar panels installed and that they will not need to do any additional work to gain the benefits of a solar roofing system. Making this update to your home provides both short and long-term benefits.

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Tax Credits and Incentives

The 30% federal government tax credit can help homeowners pay off their solar investment in just a few years. The solar panel system must be placed in service during the tax year and generate electricity for a home in the United States. Investment tax credits for solar energy can be claimed when you file your annual federal tax return.

Expert Roofers in New Jersey

At American Home Contractors, we are experts in both residential roof and solar installation, offering understanding and experience in renewable solar energy for the New Jersey area. We are committed to professionally installing your solar system while providing you with exceptional service and communication throughout the project. Schedule a consultation with us today and learn why we are the best solar roof contractors and installers in New Jersey.

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View Our NJ Homeowner’s Guide to Solar Energy Savings

Many homeowners are frustrated with the rising costs of electricity. Solar energy enables you to produce your own electricity at a lower cost than your utility company. Download GAF’s New Jersey homeowner’s guide to roof-integrated solar systems to learn more!

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We Provide Solar Roof Installations in North Jersey

Located in Florham Park, American Home Contractors provides solar roof installations throughout North Jersey, along with roof inspection, roof repair consultation, roof replacement, storm damage repair, and Timberline Solar shingle installation. Our home improvement experts will help you make the roofing, siding, windows, doors, and gutters choices that best suit your home and your style! We are proud to serve the following towns with our solar roofing and full-service home improvement services in NJ.

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  • Basking Ridge, NJ
  • Berkeley Heights, NJ
  • Chatham, NJ
  • East Hanover, NJ
  • Far Hills, NJ
  • Florham Park, NJ
  • Green Village, NJ
  • Livingston, NJ
  • Madison, NJ
  • Morristown, NJ
  • New Vernon, NJ
  • Parsippany, NJ
  • Short Hills, NJ
  • Summit, NJ

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