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How to clean vinyl siding in New Jersey?

Cleaning vinyl siding in New Jersey is easy! With safety gear on, use a hose and non-toxic outdoor cleaner. Apply to dry siding, wait briefly, then rinse. For stubborn stains, reapply and brush. Repeat per siding section.

Person using pressure washer to clean vinyl siding

Safety Measures

Before you start cleaning, put on the right gear to stay safe. Wear rubber gloves to keep any chemicals off your skin. Put on goggles so nothing splashes into your eyes. Wearing a long-sleeve shirt can also help protect your skin. Since we are going to use a chemical solution, breathing in the fumes isn’t good for you. Wearing a mask and working in an open space can help you avoid breathing in the fumes.

Equipment and Materials Needed

For this guide, safety gear, a garden hose, and an environmentally friendly cleaning solution are all you require. We suggest using a cleaner designed for outdoor use to eradicate mold, mildew, and moss from your vinyl siding efficiently. Toms of maine has a good homemade recipe for a non-toxic outdoor cleaner.


Ready your bottle of Cleaner and garden hose. Begin by detaching the red fan tip from the cleaner bottle, which extends your reach during application. Next, connect your garden hose to the bottle and switch the valve to the “Clean” position.


Ensure that the vinyl siding surface is dry prior to the cleaner application. Begin the process by spraying from the top downwards, allowing the solution to settle for around 2-3 minutes; you will observe the dirt starting to dissolve. Proceed to apply a second coat of the cleaner and let it act for another 2-3 minutes to optimize dirt removal from your vinyl siding.

Next, start rinsing. Work your way from the top to the bottom slowly pushing all the material toward the ground. Don’t let the cleaner dry on the siding. If you have tough stains, you might need to apply the cleaner again and do a bit of gentle brushing before rinsing. Repeat these steps on each section of your home that has vinyl siding.

For additional help, consider viewing this straightforward and easy-to-follow YouTube video.

Video by: How To with Doc

Post-cleaning Maintenance

Post-cleaning maintenance of vinyl siding in New Jersey is crucial to extend its life and preserve its fresh, clean appearance. Given the state’s diverse weather conditions, your siding needs regular attention and care to withstand the elements effectively.

  • Preventive Measures: Implement preventive measures to minimize future dirt and grime buildup. Trim any overhanging branches that may rub against or drip onto the siding, and consider installing splash blocks to prevent water from splashing dirt onto the siding from the ground.
  • Seasonal Care: Adjust your maintenance routine to suit New Jersey’s seasonal changes. For instance, in fall and winter, ensure your siding is prepared to withstand freezing temperatures and snow, while in spring and summer, look out for and address issues related to humidity and heat.
  • Consistent Cleaning Schedule: Develop and stick to a consistent cleaning schedule. Regular cleaning, at least annually, helps maintain your siding’s appearance and integrity. Depending on your home’s location and surrounding environment, you may need to adjust the frequency of your cleaning efforts.

When to Hire Professionals

vinyl siding with crack and hole

Should you observe any of the following signs while cleaning your vinyl siding, it might be wise to seek advice from a New Jersey vinyl siding expert:

  • Panels that are cracked or not attached properly
  • Warping or rotting signs
  • Mold or mildew that won’t go away
  • Visible signs of fading or discoloration
  • Noticeable holes or damages caused by insects or weather

You can always give us a call and we will come out for a free estimate to replace your siding.

Importance of Cleaning Vinyl Siding in New Jersey

person cleaning vinyl siding with molds and dirt

Keeping your vinyl siding clean in New Jersey is really important. The weather and environment here can be hard on your home’s outside, so you need to look after it well. The process is relatively straightforward but requires consistency and awareness of the signs of damage and wear. Below, we delve into the significance of keeping your siding clean.

Preventing Damage

In New Jersey, the weather changes a lot. If you’re near the ocean the air is salty. This weather can make dirt and grime build up on your siding. When it’s wet, mold and mildew can grow too. If you don’t clean it off, mold and mildew can stain or damage your siding over time. So, regular cleaning helps avoid this damage and makes your siding last longer.

Maintaining Aesthetic Appeal

Clean vinyl siding is essential in preserving the curb appeal of your New Jersey home. Homes in New Jersey are often valued for their exterior aesthetics due to the state’s picturesque neighborhoods and communities. A house with dirty, stained siding can stand out negatively, diminishing its visual appeal and potentially lowering its market value. By keeping the siding clean, homeowners not only maintain the beauty and dignity of their residence but also contribute positively to the overall look and feel of their community.

Furthermore, a house with pristine, well-maintained siding is likely to attract potential buyers, should you decide to sell, ensuring that you can command a better price for your property. Regular cleaning, therefore, is not just about aesthetics; it’s a sound financial investment for homeowners in New Jersey.


Maintaining the cleanliness of your vinyl siding in New Jersey is not only straightforward but essential, ensuring your home continuously shines with curb appeal while preventing any long-term damage from the state’s varied weather conditions. Consistent cleaning practices protect your investment, making certain that whether you’re enjoying your home for years or deciding to sell, it remains in optimal condition, aesthetically pleasing, and valued at the price it deserves.

This guide provides you with all the necessary steps and precautions to effectively clean your vinyl siding, from the right gear and materials to the application process. If challenges arise, professional advice and help are always available to ensure your siding receives the care it needs. Happy cleaning!

Fact checked by Adrian Catolico – 10/10/23