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GAF Timberline Solar Shingle: What Are the Benefits?

A solar shingle roof installation is 79% less expensive compared to 2010, making them more accessible to homeowners.

However, you may not find yourself attracted to the idea of having massive solar panels resting on mounts over your roof. Fortunately, now we have GAF Energy’s solar shingles.

Throughout this guide, you’ll learn the basics of GAF Timberline solar roofs, the costs of installing solar roofs in general, and the benefits of using Timberline Solar roofing systems over their traditional counterparts.

What Are GAF Timberline Solar Roofs?

The Timberlane Solar roofs are created by GAF Energy, a solar roofing product provider in North America, and use solar-powered shingles rather than solar roof tiles or panels. This roofing system is considered integrated solar roofing, which integrates with your existing roofing.

These types of panels are as efficient as traditional solar panels. Moreover, they have a similar service life duration as their traditional counterparts—around 20 years.

Also, GAF Energy specifically uses photovoltaic panels for their Timberlane system.

4 Benefits of Using a Solar Panel Roof

Using integrated solar roofing systems comes with more benefits than using traditional solar panels and mounting systems. Throughout this section, we’ll dive into those benefits. Afterward, you’ll have a better idea as to whether solar shingles are better.

1. Potentially Enhances Curb Appeal: Makes It Easier To Sell Your Home

Instead of having unappealing panels mounted above your roof, you’ll have files that blend in with the aesthetics of your home. While increasing the value of your home with the added solar energy generation, you will also have enhanced curb appeal.

2. Not Too Difficult to Install: It Will Also Save You Time

Since integrated solar roofing is installed simultaneously with your regular roof, you won’t have to hire different companies to install it separately. For instance, instead of wasting time searching for a separate company to install solar panels and mounts, you can spend your time doing something more productive.

When selecting a contractor for installing GAF Timberline Solar roofing systems, you will want to ensure you find a GAF certified installer to replace your roof with solar shingles.

Also, the installation process itself is simple. Instead of having to install mounting systems, all you need is a hammer and nails. With solar roofs, you simply strip your existing shingles and replace them with their solar counterparts.

3. Reduce and Potentially Eliminates Electricity Bills

Instead of relying on utility companies to provide electricity, you will be producing your own. No matter whether it’s rain or shine, your panels will continue to generate electricity you can otherwise use to power your home.

4. More Durable and Does Better in the Elements

Since the Timberlane Solar roofing system uses shingles, it doesn’t have holes like with traditional systems, which could damage your roof and expose them to the elements. Moreover, this type of solar roof is warranted to withstand winds up to 130mph (209kph) and can shed water.

Because of this, you won’t have to worry about high winds tearing solar panels off your roof or snow blocking your solar shingles from absorbing sunlight.

If for some reason your Timberlane Solar shingles don’t live up to their quality and if winds under 130mph damage your panels, GAF Energy offers 25 years of coverage to protect your investment. Also, this protection will cover you in case there are manufacturing defects that lead to leaks.

5. Smaller Than Solar Panels

Solar roofing systems are around the same size as normal shingles. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about massive solar panels falling from your roof if something were to happen to their mounting systems.

6. Increased Safety for You and Your Family

Since solar roofing systems are integrated with your roof, there is no chance of them falling off and hitting someone who’s passing by your home. Moreover, this type of solar setup has no gaps beneath the panels that would otherwise let wind pass through.

7. Not as Much Maintenance Needed

Without a need for mounting brackets and other components that go into traditional solar panel setups, you won’t have as much debris on your roof. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about disassembling your solar panels to perform repairs or cleaning underneath panels.

8. Less Safe Areas for Birds to Make Their Nests

Birds love traditional solar panel setups because it gives them a sheltered area to set up their nest. While that sounds nice, all of the bird nests below the panels will reduce the passage of cool air that would otherwise cool your panels. Because of this, your panels would reduce their overall energy yield due to increased temperatures.

However, with a solar roof, you won’t have to worry about birds making nests, because they won’t have a sheltered area to do so.

Solar Roof Cost: What Should You Expect to Pay?

Depending on the size, slope, and pitch of your roof, the costs to install solar shingles can cost anywhere between $21–25 per square foot. However, these costs will vary among contractors among other factors.

However, on average, in the United States, it will usually take between 5 and 15 years for solar cost to pay itself off. Thus, you can consider this project as an investment whether you decide to stay in your home or if you decide to sell.

Consider Upgrading to a Solar Roof

Using a solar panel roof already hosts a myriad of benefits. However, if you go with GAF Timberline roofing, you’ll have all of those benefits in addition to perks that accommodate for the weaknesses traditional solar roofing suffers from.

Are you ready to invest in GAF Timberline solar shingles for your property? Reach out for a quote on our solar shingle installation services.