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James Hardie Siding: Benefits of ColorPlus Technology

Investing in good siding isn’t a snap decision. When choosing colors for your new siding, you want something with a beautiful finish, but also something that is long-lasting.

At American Home Contractors, we understand how inconvenient it can be to repair a deteriorating home exterior, along with the pressure to choose the best siding color for your home. That’s why we’ve helped hundreds of New Jersey homeowners make informed decisions concerning the home they love.

The best brand we’ve chosen for color and durability is James Hardie siding. James Hardie ColorPlus® Technology’s baked-on finish outlasts primed and custom-painted siding consistently. Its lasting, uniform look is the result of multiple baked-on layers applied in optimal factory conditions, and the end product keeps homeowners smiling at the look of their home’s exterior.

Why Homeowners Choose James Hardie ColorPlus Technology

The James Hardie company is known and loved nationwide for their durable, low-maintenance, high-performance siding products, and their exceptional warranties. Their high standards are evident not only in siding products themselves, but also the technology they use to bring the best long-lasting color options to homeowners.

When choosing the type of finish you would like on your James Hardie siding, consider the benefits of ColorPlus technology.

Color that lasts

Most home exterior paint jobs don’t last. But James Hardie ColorPlus technology applies multiple coats of their beautiful finish to each and every siding surface, leaving no spots unprotected.

Beauty that resists compromise

Many paint jobs look beautiful at first, then chip or crack over time, leaving home exteriors in a faulty state and vulnerable to damage. However, James Hardie ColorPlus technology gives siding a beautiful finish that resists unwanted chipping, peeling, and cracking. ColorPlus finishes are cured in a controlled factory environment between coats, offering homeowners uncompromised beauty for years to come.

UV Resistance that protects your investment

A lot of homes start out one color and change to a duller color due to the fading that frequently comes from daily sun exposure. But James Hardie ColorPlus technology offers homeowners a paint finish that resists fading, and color that is retained for years due to its built-in UV resistance.

Uniform color

Typical exterior paint jobs can cause nonuniform siding color due to chips, cracks, and the need for touch ups. But James Hardie ColorPlus technology offers paint so strong that it doesn’t chip or need touch-ups—leaving homeowners with uniform color that lasts.

Exquisite color options

Most homeowners get overwhelmed from the multiple color options from which to choose for their new siding. They find it difficult to narrow the field and select the best color to match their home’s architecture and their personal style. But the James Hardie ColorPlus team hired color experts to create gorgeous color selections that look impressive and beautiful on home exteriors. The exquisite options give homeowners confidence they are choosing wisely, and will love the look of their home for years to come.

Exceptional ColorPlus technology warranty

Many DIY home exterior paint jobs have no guarantee, leaving the sizable investment of new siding in a potentially vulnerable place. James Hardie ColorPlus technology comes with a 15-year limited warranty that covers both paint and labor. The James Hardie company is so confident in their finishes that their warranty covers peeling, cracking, and chipping, giving generous protection to your investment.

Ensured low maintenance

Most DIY exterior paint jobs are not as thorough as homeowners might think. They certainly can’t match the multiple coats of paint James Hardie ColorPlus technology applies to their siding products. James Hardie applies multiple coats of beautiful color—50% more than the average house painter uses when painting a home exterior. This ensures long-term performance and low maintenance for your home exterior so you can focus on the things you love most.

Easy installation

It can complicate the home improvement process when new siding is installed and needs to be painted after installation. The process of painting a home exterior is time-consuming and expensive. But with James Hardie ColorPlus technology, once your new siding is installed, the job is complete! The baked-on color is unmatched and unrivaled by home paint jobs, and the installation process is streamlined because the siding comes complete with a long-lasting finish. And projects are completed in less time because there is no need to wait for the perfect weather to paint since the siding comes complete with a finish.

In addition to ColorPlus technology, James Hardie also offers a primed siding option. Homeowners who prefer to have primed siding installed can choose from any color on the market and apply it to their new siding after installation. This option gives homeowners more color options, but since the painting is done after installation, the many benefits of ColorPlus technology are missed.

Because of the multiple benefits of ColorPlus technology, we recommend you consider looking over the beautiful color options offered by James Hardie and discover what’s best for your home.

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