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Blog > Use the Four A’s to Choose the Perfect Siding Color For Your Home

Use the Four A’s to Choose the Perfect Siding Color For Your Home

We live in an age where myriad choices and options are not only available to us, but are almost considered a basic human right. Heck, the number of cereal choices in your grocery aisle alone can be overwhelming. So when it comes to selecting a siding color for your home – a choice with which you’ll likely live for the next fifteen years or so – staring at a product catalog filled with hundreds of pigments and hues can be downright intimidating.

Fight selection overload and decision fatigue with the Four A’s and choose the perfect home siding color with confidence.

#1: Aesthetics

Ask yourself if you want to make a bold statement with the color of your home, or if you’re more comfortable blending in with your surroundings? This is obviously a question of personal choice. After all, the color of your home is a reflection of your own personality and sense of style. Consider how a warm color will change the overall character of your home as opposed to a cooler one. Even neutral colors can make a statement depending on their hue.

There are a number of excellent online tools to help you visualize how a color will affect the overall aesthetic of your home, so be sure to take advantage of them.

#2: Aspects

What are the key aspects of your home? What are the architectural features that make your home unique? A siding color should enhance and compliment your favorite features while downplaying any you’re not so wild about. Take into account the style of your roof, trim colors, and any textured surfaces when making your decision.

#3: Area

It may not be the most obvious consideration, but like most everything else, where you live can influence general style trends, including area home siding colors. Some areas of the country favor deeper, bolder colors, while others lean towards fresh, neutral palettes. What’s considered fashionable in Minneapolis, for example, may not fly in New Jersey. A good exterior renovation provider and consultant can help you stay on trend.

Weather conditions in your area can play a role in the decision-making process too. Harsher conditions can cause siding color to fade over time. If you’re concerned about maintaining the true color of your home in years to come, there are solutions available, like ColorPlus technology, which can prevent fading and increase general durability.

#4: Association

Your neighborhood homeowners association may have rules and guidelines governing home siding colors, so be sure to review covenants before investing time and energy in choosing a color.

Even if you don’t live in an area with an HOA, it’s a good idea to take a look at your neighbors’ homes, as well as the scenery surrounding your home since variables like these can provide you with inspiration and guidance on the best shade for your home.

Bear in mind the Four A’s to help narrow down and set parameters for yourself and make choosing a siding color less stressful and more fun. If you’re feeling confident about changing or refreshing the siding color of your home, why not schedule a free quote with American Home Contractors? With their reputation as New Jersey’s premier provider of high-quality siding, they’ll help take your decision from vision to colorful reality!