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Why You Should Invest in Solar Roof Panels (Even in Winter!)

In the middle of a freezing winter, you may struggle to see the benefit of investing in a solar roof. A common misconception about solar panels is that they are only beneficial for those living in warm, sunny climates and are not practical for those who live in cold, snowy climates. The truth is, solar panels are a reliable energy source for homeowners year-round, no matter what climate you live in.

Our team at American Home Contractors is here to help you understand the benefits of a solar roof for you and your family. As your solar roof contractor, we specialize in the installation of the GAF DecoTech® Roof-Integrated Solar System, a low-profile, elegant solar system that turns your roof into an asset that provides you with clean energy.

Here are some commonly asked questions about installing solar panels on your New Jersey home to demonstrate the benefits of a solar roof year-round:

How Do Solar Panels Work in the Cold?

The reason many people living in colder climates do not consider a solar panel installation for their home is that they do not understand how solar panels create energy. Even when it is freezing, solar panels can generate energy because they use the sun’s light to produce energy – not the sun’s heat. This is why solar panels can work effectively in both warm and cool climates.

When a solar panel system is installed on your home, it allows particles of light to knock electrons free from atoms, which create an electrical current that is sent to your home. This electrical current powers your home with natural energy.

Cold climates provide the optimal environment for solar panels to work. Even though solar panels can get as hot as 149°F, solar panels actually work better in colder temperatures. You can be confident your solar panels will work, even when it is cold outside.

Do Solar Panels Work in the Snow?

New Jersey homeowners are no stranger to the snow. It is not uncommon to wonder about how your solar panels will perform and endure in the snow.

Solar panels can still generate energy, even through snow. Even though snow may reduce the amount of sunlight that infiltrates through your solar panels, the panels will still be producing electricity. Additionally, solar panels are typically installed at an angle, which creates a way for the snow to slide off the solar panels and allows for more sun exposure.

On sunny days, a blanket of snow on the ground can actually increase the amount of solar energy that is being produced. The snow acts as a mirror that reflects the sunlight onto the solar panels, creating more electricity for your home.

Your GAF Solar Elite Contractor is trained to install your solar panels in a way that produces maximum efficiency for your home, even on snowy days.

How Can I Benefit from Solar Panels?

Solar panels provide year-round benefits to homeowners who choose this affordable and sustainable option. Even in cold weather, solar panels will provide homeowners with these added benefits:

Energy Savings

Homeowners can save on energy year-round with solar panels. New Jersey homeowners can save an estimated $25,288 over 25 years with GAF Solar Energy.

Increased Home Value

When a GAF solar elite contractor installs your solar system, it adds curb appeal and will increase the resale value of your home.

Tax Credit

The Solar Investment Tax Credit supports the growth of solar energy in the United States by providing a 30% tax credit for solar systems on residential and commercial properties. This creates the ability for homeowners to pay off their solar investment over a short period.

Environmental Benefits

Solar energy is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Homeowners with solar panels can be confident in their positive impact on the planet.

Advantages to GAF DecoTech Solar System

If you are considering investing in solar panels, you are probably wondering which solar system to invest in. We specialize in the installation of the GAF DecoTech Solar System at American Home Contractors. We prefer DecoTech for these advantages:

  • Attractive – The solar panels fasten directly on your roof deck, providing a low profile design that blends with your existing roof.
  • Protective – The included protection system minimizes the risk of water leaks, animal infestation, or debris.
  • Covered – The solar system comes with a 25-year limited warranty coverage for solar performance and leaks.

Why You Should Work with American Home Contractors to Install Your Solar Roof

We understand that investing in a solar roofing system can be a confusing and stressful decision. That’s why we are here for you – to answer all your questions, and to provide you with peace of mind that your solar roof will be beneficial to you all year long.

At American Home Contractors, our GAF solar elite contractors are equipped to give your home the attention it deserves and to proactively communicate the progress of your solar roof installation to you. Request a quote and see how we can help you go solar today.