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The Dangers of Neglecting Roof Repair and Replacement

There are two aspects of your home’s structure that matter more than most: the foundation and the roof. And while people often worry about foundational issues, many homeowners ignore their roofs until its too late. Do you know the dangers of neglecting roof repair and replacement?

Five Reasons You Must Take Action

There’s a long list of home repair items that can be procrastinated. These include things like broken locks, rotting trim, peeling wallpaper, old carpet, scuffed hardwood floors, low water pressure, and more. While all of these things are annoyances – and should be dealt with sooner rather than later – they aren’t exactly pressing.

However, you shouldn’t lump roof repair and replacement into this category. When it comes to roof damage, you can’t afford to waste any time. It’s imperative that you call a professional within hours of discovering an issue.

Not totally convinced that time is of the essence? Here are a few of the top reasons why you must take action as soon as possible:

1. Damaging Leaks

The first negative effects you’ll likely experience are leaks. A leak will usually start out as something very small – and you may not notice it if you have an attic above you. At first, tiny amounts of water will seep through the roof and damage the interior ceiling. As a result, ceiling paint will become splotchy and may bubble up.

Once water passes through the ceiling, it will then continue to damage whatever is directly beneath it. In an attic, this may include items that are being stored. Eventually, the leaks will cause water to pool up on the attic floor and seep through into the home’s livable space. This is when most people notice that a leak is present. At this point, it’s possible there’s extensive ceiling damage, mold and mildew, and other health concerns.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for the untrained eye to spot a roof leak early in the process. In order to ensure your roof is in tip-top condition, you should safely climb up onto your roof and manually inspect it from time to time. It’s also a good idea to get a flashlight and inspect the attic space (if applicable).

2. Energy Inefficiencies

After you’ve lived in your home for a few years, you start to get a pretty good gauge on average utility and energy bills from season to season. If you suddenly notice extended increases in energy consumption, it’s entirely possible that your roof is no longer as efficient as it once was.

One thing to consider is the color of the roofing material and shingles you use. “Light-colored roofs tend to reflect heat and are good in warmer climates, while dark-colored roofs absorb heat and are better in cooler climates,” expert Stephanie Watson points out. And if you don’t need to replace your roof quite yet, roof coatings may be an option. “[They] can reduce the surface temperature on a roof by 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Ultimately, neglecting roof repair could end up costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars per year. This is money that could be saved and contributed towards roof repair or replacement. Keep this in mind if you find yourself putting things off.

3. Decreased Property Value

A long-term effect of neglecting roof repair and replacement is a noticeable drop in property value. As leaks, mold, mildew, and inefficiencies pile up, the physical condition of your home will become significantly less desirable. In some cases, this can slash tens of thousands of dollars off of your property value. The good news is that a roof replacement comes with a 71.7 percent return on investment. In other words, it’s better to take care of it now than to let your property value suffer.

4. Increased Repair Costs

When you detect early problems with your roof, the truth is that most issues aren’t a big deal. You can generally patch small leaks, fix loose shingles, and take care of isolated damage with very little effort and cost. (You may even be able to handle them on a DIY basis.) However, as time passes, these problems become worse. Small holes will expand and become much more significant issues. Not only will this lead to more damage, but it’ll also cause repair costs to skyrocket.

The moral of the story is to take care of problems as soon as you notice them. The last thing you want is to put off an issue, only to come back a few months later and discover that the root problem has been compounded by side effects like mold, mildew, rotted wood, electrical problems, high utility bills, and compromised structural integrity.

5. Stress and Anxiety

Few things are more stressful than having looming roof problems hanging over your head. Not only do you worry about the costs, but you also stress over the thought of calling contractors, getting quotes, and figuring out the best plan of attack. If you’ve had bad experiences with contractors in the past, you’re probably fearful of getting mixed up in a complicated situation again.

Well, here’s a piece of advice: the stress and anxiety will only get worse the longer you wait. As mentioned, roof problems don’t go away. In fact, they get exponentially more serious over time. What starts as a tiny leak could end up compromising your entire roof system. The sooner you act, the less stressful the process will be.

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