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8 Essential Structural Choices When Building a Home

When you choose to build a new home, you’re clearly in it for the long haul. Most likely, this will be your home for many years, and because of that, you naturally want it to be perfect.

It should include all the luxury features you’ve ever wanted and look like something on HGTV. But there’s more to it than the design and cool amenities.

You’ll need to make some crucial decision with regard to the building process that may have a major impact on your future sense of contentment. Are you aware of some of these considerations?

1. Siding

Though perhaps not one of the most exciting, siding is among the most important elements of any home. It protects the structure from the weather and other ground-level threats, and can significantly enhance your home’s curb appeal.

It can also assist in energy efficiency, which lowers your costs over the life of the home. Siding should last as long as the rest of the structure, but that will only happen if you choose the best.

James Hardie Siding is the leading brand of fiber-cement siding. It’s the top-rated brand in the nation because of the superior workmanship and the quality installment.

Because James Hardie wants to be certain you’re happy with every aspect of the project, the company only allows certified contractors to perform the installations. This means you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with the work performed.

We’ve received our James Hardie certification, so if you choose to use our services, you’ll be guaranteed the highest quality of available workmanship.

2. Windows

Your windows also play a huge role in protecting your house and helping it run efficiently. They entail a critical stylistic choice, since they let in natural light, which has a massive effect on the appearance of the interior.

Energy efficiency has become a vital consideration when you’re deciding on the windows for your home. When they start to get old and deteriorate, outside air will often leak into your house.

The interior temperature becomes more dependent on outdoor conditions; your heating or air conditioning systems are forced to work much harder. Air that your windows allow into (and out of) your home can consume up to 30 percent of your utility bill.

3. HVAC System

Poor planning on your heating, cooling, and ventilation system will lead to drastic consequences. To begin with, it can cause moisture buildup and mold growth, which comes with its own variety of health concerns.

Furthermore, this is another case in which the energy efficiency of your home will be a major consideration. HVAC systems are expensive to install, but they’re even more expensive when they eat up your utility bill month after month.

If your HVAC system is too small, it will overwork itself and demand costly repairs and maintenance. If it’s too big, it will consume too much energy and drive up your monthly costs.

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4. Roofing System

Just as siding protects your home from the elements and disturbances on the ground, your roofing system will serve as a shield against attacks from above. If you don’t have a great roof in place, you may suffer leaks, moisture buildup, mold growth, high utility bills, and other unpleasant issues.

Talk with your contractors to make sure your roofing shingles, flashing, and other components are of prime quality. When you use better materials, your roof will last longer.

Perhaps even more crucial than using superior materials is hiring a trusted contractor. Most roofing materials are fairly comparable in quality, to be honest, but the quality of workmanship during installation is a critical factor for a successful roofing job.

It’s vital to screen your roofing contractor with care. Check for proper licensing and adequate insurance. Go with a company that has a solid reputation and clients who have loved their experience.

When you’re looking for a superior roofing contractor, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have and offer references from any of our satisfied clients.

5. Doors

Quite a few homeowners don’t think carefully about the doors in their homes before they have it built. They tend to treat doors as a minor detail that won’t make much difference in the overall attractiveness and efficiency of their home.

These people are mistaken. Your exterior doors provide the final touch to the property. They complete the curb appeal and add significant aesthetic value to the exterior. Everything from the color to the style makes the building look more valuable.

In addition, doors can be the deciding factor in the home’s efficiency. Like windows, doors can let outside air seep in; if they aren’t of high quality and well insulated, you could see a spike in your utility bill.

6. Gutters

Gutters are another important but often overlooked item in home construction. Many home builders opt for cheap gutters that have seams and cracks.

Though these will show a leak-free finish when they’re initially installed, it won’t be long before rough weather warps the materials and creates cracks and leaks throughout the piping. Water seeping through the damaged areas will leak into your home, and cause moisture problems down the road.

For best results, home builders should use seamless gutters. This means there are no joints for water to seep through, and they’re custom fit to the particular home. The maintenance is very low, the materials won’t rust, and the system provides a more uniform experience to protect your house.

Furthermore, these gutter systems can handle significantly higher volumes of rain than traditional gutters. This means you won’t have to replace them for up to 20 years, and you’ll avoid messy situations in the middle of a storm. We offer seamless rain gutters because we’re convinced they’re the best there is.

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