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Protect Your Home with LeafTechUS Gutter Protection System

While you may love your home, you likely are not as thrilled about all the maintenance and upkeep of owning that home. From major maintenance like roof repairs to smaller maintenance items like landscaping, home care can become overwhelming. So, any product or system that can make your life easier as a homeowner is a major plus.

As a roofing contractor, American Home Contractors seeks to give you more than a beautiful and lasting exterior; we also want to provide you with product options that can decrease the amount of backbreaking or annoying maintenance involved with your home. That’s exactly what LeafTechUS does.

Cleaning out gutters is one nuisance that homeowners can avoid simply by installing gutter guards. We offer LeafTechUs gutter systems as a gutter contractor because we want you to have the best materials possible for your exterior. Here’s how this system can benefit your home.

The Importance of Gutters and a Gutter Protection System

Gutters are essential protection for your roof, siding, and foundation. They play an integral role in the drainage of rainwater, and clogged gutters can negatively affect the lifespan of your roof and home.

A gutter protection system’s purpose is to obstruct debris from gathering in your gutters while also allowing for water flow. This benefits your home by:

  • Lessening gutter cleanings
  • Reducing fire risk (keeping ignitable debris from collecting)
  • Keeping gutters from sagging

What Is the LeafTechUS Gutter Protection System?

LeafTechUS is the most effective gutter cover system on the market. It is designed with built-in hood and louvers to help water flow through two different phases. In the first phase, the louvers slow down the water movement, while also allowing most of the water into the gutters. The second phase then catches the debris while the leftover water drains through invisible holes into the gutter system.

This system maximizes water retention while keeping unwanted items from clogging your gutters.

Benefits of a LeafTechUS System

This top-of-the-line system comes with many benefits.

Continual Unobstructed Drainage

With improper drainage from clogs and cracks being your gutters’ biggest challenge, the LeafTechUS system helps alleviate one of the major issues facing your exterior. By creating a barrier that obstructs large debris from entering your gutters with slats that allow water to flow freely, your home will experience unobstructed and proper drainage without any hassle.

Less Maintenance

The built-in hood keeps debris from filling your gutters. Leaves and twigs remain on top of the system to be washed away by rain or blown off by the wind. You, therefore, don’t have to spend your valuable time cleaning out gutters. You can save yourself the headache of getting out that ladder.

Easy Installation

The system provides an easy installation process with no additional work needed to your roof. The system screws into your existing gutters. So long as your home has gutters that remain intact and secure, you do not have to receive a full gutter replacement. (If you need a gutter replacement, contact a professional roofing contractor for help.) The system does not require brackets or hangers for installation, and it can fit onto 5”K, 6”K, and half-round gutters.

Protection from Critters

With the built-in hood, pests like birds and squirrels are unable to damage your gutters. Stagnant water can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, but the continual flow keeps these bugs from being able to breed and make a home in your gutters.

Fewer Ice Dams

Ice dams can pose a threat to the integrity of your roof. During the freezing temperatures of winter months, undrained water can freeze, creating ice dams on your roof, which can damage the structure of your roof or create water damage.

Performance Warranty

The LeafTechUS system comes with a performance warranty that extends for the lifespan of your home. This warranty ensures that the product will last in all weather conditions. LeafTech believes in its products, and your protection system will be able to last as long as your gutters last. Because it is a metal product that sits atop your gutters, it can hold the weight of snow and debris so long as your gutters can hold the weight.

Will It Fit the Style of My Home?

You don’t have to worry about gutter guards detracting from the look of your home. LeafTechUs gutter guards actually enhance the look of your home by keeping clutter out of your gutters. Preventing clogged gutters can also extend the life of your roof and keep water stains from affecting your siding.

LeafTechUs comes in two materials: aluminum and copper, depending on your preferences. The aluminum system comes in 23 different colors to find the perfect match for your home. These colors are designed to match popular trim and gutter colors to help the system blend seamlessly with your home.

Uncomplicate Your Gutter Maintenance

At American Home Contractors, our goal is not to just give you a beautiful exterior but to also provide you with exterior solutions that make your home maintenance easier. As a gutter contractor, we believe it’s time to take the complicated maintenance out of your gutters.

By investing in the LeafTechUs gutter protection system, you are giving security to the drainage of your roof, which protects many other aspects of your home. Plus, you will not need to pull out that ladder twice a year to reach your gutters for a cleaning. When you are ready to make home maintenance easier, contact us to request a quote from our team.