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How To Prepare Your Home’s Roof For Winter

With autumn already here, home and business owners in Morris County know that another New Jersey winter will be coming, and that can be rough on a building that’s not properly prepared, especially the roof. If you want to make sure that your home is ready to face another winter, there are a few things you can do to help the structural integrity for another season of ice and cold.

Clean The Gutters

Probably the least favorite activity or suggestion, but an absolutely essential strategy for having a trouble-free winter. Of course, the big issue here is that with the arrival of autumn, falling leaves, and rain, any property with trees near the structure is going to unavoidably have some leaves clutter up the gutters on a more or less constant basis. This does mean a lot of work for some homes or buildings, but ultimately, it’s worth it.

You want to keep your gutters clear once winter hits because the snow is going to accumulate on both your roof and the gutters, possibly also turning into ice. If the gutters are full of leaves and other matter, this can block the gutters, causing a buildup of snow, ice, and water on the roof that ultimately hurts the entire home.

Check The Roof For Damage

Before winter is when you definitely want to pull up a ladder, if possible, and get on your roof to conduct an inspection. If you see any missing shingles, that might have occurred because of storms, or see any other visible damage get this addressed now.

Leaving damage to linger on your roof over the course of the entire winter season is basically admitting to yourself that you would prefer to have a more expensive problem to deal with at a later date. The cold temperatures and the erosion that comes from ice, snow, and water can all exploit any vulnerability you choose to leave untended on your roof.

Check Your Insulation

It’s not just the top of your roof that can affect the overall condition, what’s underneath can play an important role as well. Without proper insulation, it’s not just cold that comes into your home; it’s heat from your home escaping to the roof. When that happens, it can melt snow, which then runs off the roof and cools down to become ice dams further away, causing a pile-up that can further damage the structure.

Bring In The Roofing Experts

When all else fails, having roofing professionals come in to conduct their own inspection and preventive maintenance of your roof is probably the easiest and most cost-effective way to ensure you’re good for another year. An experienced roofing contractor can quickly get to the top of your home or building and conduct a thorough, knowledgeable and efficient assessment of your roof’s condition.

If they find anything wrong, they can also quickly address small problems while they are up there, such as replacing a few lost shingles here and there, or ensuring that the gutters are clear and working properly.

If you want the confidence of knowing that seasoned NJ experts are looking at your roof, contact us for a free consultation and get a quote. We’re ready to help keep your roof in top shape or restore it to that condition if it needs some repair.