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How Windows Can Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Replacing your old windows with more energy-efficient ones is a worthwhile effort.

It does not only help you save on utility costs but helps you earn significant federal tax credits. Window replacements can also block strong ultraviolet rays that may be harmful to your health.

Poorly insulated or fitted windows may allow air to circulate in or out. This raises your overall energy costs because it prevents heating or air conditioning systems to do their job properly. Here are four easy ways to use your windows to save energy:

  1. Make sure your windows fit perfectly. Poorly fitted panes or frames let the air out. They also sap energy by making your air conditioning or heating systems work harder than they should.
  2. Consider tinted windows. A tinted window will retain your privacy and keep out excessive heat. You should choose a reflective tinted window because it also prevents glare.
  3. Choose windows with gas fillers between the panes. This helps keep the glass temperature steady. Choose argon fillers instead of krypton. Krypton may be more efficient, but it’s also more expensive. Don’t worry about accidents, because these two gases are non-reactive, nontoxic, and safe.
  4. Choose wood, vinyl or composite window frames. You can benefit more from these materials because they are more energy efficient than the more popular aluminum and fiberglass frames.

American Home Contractors can give you a wide selection of windows to choose from, ranging from Double Hung, Tilt-n-Slide, and casements to garden windows. All these window options are designed to complement your home and save energy at the same time.

For paint, we currently offer 12 different exterior colors for all our windows. We also offer four types of wood grain interiors to complement your home’s decor.
Install windows that deliver many benefits by choosing to work with American Home Contractors. Call us at (908) 771 0123 for more information.