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How to Protect Your Home from Hail Damage

Hail is an unkind form of weather. It’s hard, sudden, and unpredictable; and many homeowners simply wait out a storm and hope for the best. But you do not have to be one of those homeowners. Purchasing a home is a serious investment, and taking the time for proper protection and storm preparation helps maintain that investment.

Hail damage does not have to be a worry on your mind. Here are some ways that you can prepare and protect your home from hail.

Perform Routine Yard Maintenance

Many people don’t ponder how their yard can affect their home during a hail storm, but it can. Keeping your yard in good shape prevents damage from tree limbs or flying debris. Keep shrubs and bushes trimmed at least a foot away from your home’s siding. Take time to trim any tree limbs that overhang your roof, driveway, or any other structures.

Product Recommendations: Taking care of your yard requires having a few tools on hand. You should keep a lawn mower, edger, pruning shears, or clippers available to help maintain your yard.

Invest in Impact Resistant Shingles

The roof of your home is extremely important for all forms of weather but especially for hail. And it really comes down to the type of shingles you have protecting your roof. While all shingles are created to drain rainwater and protect from piling snow, impact-resistant (IR) shingles are specifically made for areas prone to hail and strong winds.

IR shingles are a class 4 shingle, which means they can resist greater amounts of impact than other shingles without cracking or breaking. They are more rubberized to help assist with impact. Due to their protective nature, IR shingles can even lower insurance costs.

However, whether your home has impact-resistant shingles or not, a roof inspection and repair consultation are necessary. Keep your roof in top shape to prevent further damage from hail.

Product Recommendations: We recommend and install GAF shingles and Owens Corning products. Both lines offer high-quality, impact-resistant shingles to help protect your home during hail season.

Update to Weather Resistant Siding

You may not be able to control the weather, but you can control what siding combats it. Unlike other forms of precipitation, hail falls in frozen pellets, making it solid rather than liquid and more likely to do physical damage. Your siding is likely to see some of this harm.

This is why durable siding that is resistant to hail makes a significant difference. Stronger siding is less likely to dent and buckle or allow water to seep into your walls. Hardie® siding is the number one brand for fiber cement, which makes it a fantastic choice. It is also engineered for any climate or weather condition.

Product Recommendations: Materials such as brick, stone, and fiber cement are all hail-resistant materials. We recommend updating to one of these sidings. Hardie® siding is weather and impact resistant, which makes it our top recommendation for hail-prone areas. It’s also more affordable than most other forms of siding; so not only is it an extremely durable siding option but an affordable one as well. Hardie Siding also has many environmental benefits.

Install Storm Shutters

Hail can damage and destroy roofing and siding, which means your windows don’t stand a chance if a large piece of hail hurdles its way. Shattered glass means no protection and can also be extremely hazardous. Storm shutters are a perfect way to avoid this mess. When a storm is on its way, you can simply close your storm shutters, and voila! Your windows are secure.

Product Recommendations: Because hail can strike unexpectedly, it’s nice to have a storm shutter that can remain in place all year long and add to the look of your home. Because of this, we recommend Bahama and Colonial hurricane shutters. They have an elegant look while also protecting your windows.

Consider the Importance of Gutters

Hail can cause damage to your gutters or fill them with debris. Pelting hail can break or crack the structure. And any broken branches or falling leaves can prevent easy drainage and cause water damage in your home. Before it ever comes to that, consider investing in gutter guards. Gutter guards are covers made from a form of metal that has slits allowing full water flow but blocking out unwelcome rubble. The metal helps during harsh hail, and the protective covering saves you from worry and time-consuming cleanup after the storm.

Product Recommendations: We recommend using metal protection systems as they are more likely to stand up against the impact of hail. The LeafTech gutter protection system is the most effective gutter cover system on the market. Its built-in hood and louvers make an effective path for water drainage, and it comes in a variety of colors in aluminum or in copper builds.

Don’t Forget the Insurance

Insurance plays a big role in your home’s protection. No matter how much preventative maintenance you do, there is always the risk of home damage. This is where insurance steps in. Make sure to review your current policy. Standard insurance does not always cover damage from storms. Speak with an agent to make sure you have the proper coverage for your needs.

If your home has recently experienced a hail storm, call us for a free home consultation. We can assess the level of damage to help with filing an insurance claim.

Protect Your Greatest Investment from Hail Damage

As the largest investment you will likely make in your lifetime, your home deserves care and protection from hail. We can help with that. If your home has experienced hail damage, contact us to see how our roof repair consultation service can get your exterior back into top shape. We are also ready to install quality products that will keep your home safe during the storm season. Learn more about our exterior products that help protect against hail and storm damage.