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6 Ways to Drastically Increase The Value of Your Home

6 Ways to Drastically Increase The Value of Your Home

When the time comes to put money into your home, you want to be sure that every project you undertake increases its value.  And if you are looking to sell, this is especially important.

The trick lies in knowing what projects will actually boost the value of your home for potential buyers. Take a look at these 6 changes you can make that will cause your home’s worth to increase.

Change #1: A Bathroom Reinvention

One of the best ways to increase livable worth and monetary value is through your bathroom. Whether it’s remodeling, extending, or a completely new build, bathrooms have consistently been one of the highest return on investment items for homeowners.

They are the highest traffic areas in a home and possess multiple functions. Because of this, adding anything — beauty, space, or amenities —means adding additional ease and value to your life.

Keep your budget in mind when selecting changes for this space, but with the amazing return bathrooms add to your home’s dollar value, splurge where you can.

Change #2: A Kitchen Update

Kitchens have long been one of the most impactful rooms in a home, adding value and functionality when remodeled correctly. So, when looking to increase your home’s price, don’t forget the kitchen.

Minor kitchen remodels yield a greater return than major kitchen remodels. So rather than gut and rearrange your entire kitchen, consider revamping its look and feel.

Invest in natural stone countertops. Nothing adds the same luxury and look to your home. Also, consider upgrading to stainless steel appliances or a more spacious sink.

Change #3: Opening up Your Floor Plan

Open concept has become one of the hottest trends in home layouts. Gone are the days of compact rooms. Now, the trend is moving toward removing walls and opening up spaces to add life and light to a home.

Many homeowners desire sightlines that extend from their kitchens to their living rooms. Parents can keep an eye on their children as they cook and when hosting, no one gets left out of the festivities because they’re stuck next to the stove. Opening up your space makes your home feel more inviting and beautiful.

Change #4: An Exterior Facelift

Every element on your home’s exterior serves a dual purpose — to beautify and protect. The most important job of siding, roofing, gutters, and windows is to keep your home safe; ensuring that these structures are sound will easily increase value. Consider updating the following exterior elements:


Siding makes one of the greatest impacts on the look of your home. Nothing undermines the value of your home like run down or dirty siding with peeling paint. New siding assures you as a homeowner as well as any potential homebuyers that your home’s exterior can perform well, protecting your home from the outside elements.


If your roof has missing or cracked shingles, it may be time for professional roof repair. Keeping your roof in top shape is the best way to keep rot, mold, and mildew from overtaking and damaging your home. The assurance that your home is well protected goes unmatched in its ability to add value to your space.

If your roof is beyond repair, invest in a roof replacement. Additionally, if you decide to update your exterior siding, installing a roof that matches the look of your new siding will ensure that your exterior is beautifully cohesive.


Gutters remain an extremely important element of your home— after all, it’s responsible for your roof’s drainage. Over time, your gutters will wear down. Replacing them will elevate the look of your roof, but will also keep it draining properly, preventing pooling which could lead to mold, moss, or rot.

Keeping your roof safe will ultimately maintain and elevate the value of your home, so it’s vital that you don’t overlook the small stuff,  like your gutters. If you repair or replace your roof, have a professional install new gutters to help make it last.

Change #5: The Magic of Curb Appeal

Another impactful exterior element is landscaping. Bringing life back into your front yard with green grass, new shrubs, and beautiful flowers makes a major impact without breaking the bank. In fact, enhancing the look of your front yard with new plants is one of the lowest budget items that make an immense value impact.

But curb appeal doesn’t have to stop at new plants. Consider installing or upgrading your walkway. Cobblestone, brick, or concrete can be installed to match your home’s style and make a big impact on the look of your exterior.

Change #6: Energy Efficiency

Homeowners are taking notice of the benefits associated with an energy-efficient home. Implementing energy-efficient measures can help lower monthly costs, which provides immediate value to you as a homeowner.

The National Association of Home Builders conducted a study in 2016 showing that energy efficiency (including low-E windows) remains one of the main items consumers put into their new home builds, demonstrating its importance to buyers.

Changing out your current lights for LED bulbs or upgrading to energy-efficient appliances are both a simple way to save energy, but one of the most effective ways to make your home more energy efficient is through replacement windows.

The majority of heat and energy that escapes your home does so through faulty windows. By installing new, energy-efficient fiberglass windows, you can keep more of the heat in your home during winter months and more of the cool air in during the summer. And with fiberglass durability, you can trust your windows to last for years.

The American Home Contractors Difference

At American Home Contractors, we have helped over 8,000 New Jersey homeowners transform their exteriors. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure your home looks and performs its best.

We believe home improvement should be done right and add value to your life as well as your house.

So if you’re ready to add value to your home with an updated roof, new siding, or energy-efficient windows, call us today at (908) 771-0123 for a free home exterior consultation.