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4 Home Remodeling Projects That Give You the Best Return on Investment

Whether you are looking to sell your home or you simply just love it, you are likely always looking for ways to upgrade and remodel your home into an even more functional and beautiful representation of your personal style. But no matter how much you love your home, you still desire that any money you put into it be money well spent. Keep in mind the greater return on investment for any home remodeling projects you do now will garner a greater profit later.

So, which remodeling projects will provide you with the greatest returns on your investments? We have worked with more than 8,000 homeowners at American Home Contractors, so over the years, we have seen what projects make our clients as well as prospective homeowners the happiest. Here are five projects to consider to gain the best return on investment.

1. New Front Door

One of the highest-yielding return on investment home remodeling projects is a new front door. A front door may seem like a simple, insignificant fix, but nothing adds a punch to the first impression of your home like a new, fresh front door. This is a great place to add a pop of color, a raw wood accent or the strong look of steal.

While first impressions are not everything, they certainly help. A beautiful front door places potential homebuyers in a positive frame of mind before they have even seen the inside of your home.

While all new front doors make a statement, replacing your current door for a brand-new steel door can often yield over a 100 percent return on investment. Steel doors add security, low maintenance, and durability, which are all high-yielding investments.

2. New Exterior Siding

Unless potential home buyers are guided into your home blindfolded, they will see your house’s exterior before anything else. The importance of your exterior siding for the protection of your home cannot be stressed enough, but siding is also integral to your home’s exterior beauty. Dingy siding can make an otherwise beautiful home look sad and modest. When the exterior of your home makes the first impression, updating your home’s siding will automatically enhance visitors’ opinions of your home before they set foot in the door.

While siding can be a major remodeling investment, having new siding installed on your home tells a potential buyer that their home’s first line of defense against exterior elements, climate, and pests remains in good condition and highly functional. Updating siding is not only a smart resale investment, but it is a home protection investment.

Choosing a form of siding that requires little maintenance, such as vinyl or fiber cement, will help your home yield a higher return. Both of these forms of siding can be made to mimic traditional wood planks—meaning homeowners don’t have to sacrifice beauty for functionality. And both forms of siding yield a significant return on investment, with fiber cements yielding close to an 80 percent return.

It’s safe to say that future homeowners value more than just beauty. They value homes that will last that don’t require enormous amounts of time and care. This makes residing your home a time and money-worthy home remodeling project.

3. Updating Windows

A new, quality window can add immense value to your home overall. While new windows add beauty and function to your home, the right windows also add energy efficiency.

Current home buyers are taking note of the benefits and appeals of energy-efficient products, so any home remodeling items that add energy efficiency also yield a great return. New windows are the key to keeping a home warmer in winter and cooler in summer without making your energy bill skyrocket. With comfort and beauty combined into one remodeling project, it is easy to see why new windows yield a high investment return.

Similar to siding, new windows will ensure potential buyers that their home will be well protected. And choosing window frames that require little maintenance, such as vinyl or aluminum, will be a major selling point as well.

Because windows protect your home but are also seen from both inside and outside of the home, installing quality windows can lead to a 70 percent or higher return on investment.

4. Minor Kitchen Remodel

The number one place for entertaining and family gatherings continues to be the kitchen. A kitchen must contain a level of function but also a level of beauty. With how important a kitchen is to a home, it’s easy to understand why a kitchen remodel can yield a high return on investment.

A minor kitchen remodel can run upwards of $20,000 while a major kitchen remodels can run into the hundreds of thousands. While any renovations to your kitchen will make your home more beautiful and functional, and therefore, more valuable, making minor improvements on the kitchen is more likely to see a higher return. A minor kitchen remodel can include:

  • Resurfacing cabinets
  • Installing new appliances or a new sink
  • Updating hardware
  • Painting walls
  • Installing new lights
  • And other minor adjustments

A minor kitchen remodels typically sees more than an 80 percent recuperation of cost during resale. If you are remodeling your kitchen for the purpose of selling your home, keep in mind the desires of potential buyers and stick to a neutral color pallet.

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