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Blog > Siding > 3 Ways to Avoid Pricey Exterior Repairs for the Fall

3 Ways to Avoid Pricey Exterior Repairs for the Fall

With autumn approaching, it’s time to get your home ready for chilly, wet weather. Here are three practical ways to prepare your home for the change of seasons.

1. Improve energy efficiency.

Utility bills can soar during cold weather due to heat loss from old windows and doors. Installing energy-efficient replacements can help you save on utilities and enhance your home’s beauty.

2. Professionally clean your fireplace/chimney.

A fireplace adds charming warmth to your home. But it must be kept in good repair, or you run the risk of carbon monoxide intrusion or a house fire. Hire a pro to inspect the chimney, and clean the fireplace before you use it.

3. Inspect your roof.

Ice, snow, hail, and wind can play havoc with your roof. Look for missing or loose shingles or other evidence of damage. Remove debris, and make any needed repairs now, before roof issues lead to water leaks.

Prepare for cooler weather today

It’s best to do home exterior improvements before cold weather can complicate the process. Our caring, detailed team at American Home Contractors makes home improvements such as roof repair and window replacements a breeze. Call us anytime at 908-771-0123 for a consultation.