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Storm Damage Repair in New Jersey

Storms can cause damage in various ways, one of the most common being damage to homes throughout New Jersey. Whether this damage comes from heavy rain, hailstones, or high winds, our team at American Home Contractors is here to make sure that repairs are completed as quickly as possible so your home can continue to protect you and your family.

Home Repair and Roofing Experts in NJ

Your home protects you and your family from the elements all year long, so it is not uncommon for homes in NJ to take on damage from all types of storms. We want to make sure that your home can continue to serve its vital role for your family by repairing any damage that may arise due to thunderstorms, high winds, hurricanes, and more. New Jersey is no stranger to severe weather, and we are proud to provide prompt and convenient repair services if a storm causes damage to your home. We want to help keep your family protected all year long – let American Home Contractors tackle your exterior home repairs the next time a storm passes through!

Weather-Related Home Repair in New Jersey

Repairing Thunderstorm and Hail Damage

Thunderstorms are not uncommon in New Jersey, and they are often accompanied by heavy rains, high winds, and sometimes even hail. All of these weather conditions can cause damage to your home, such as dislodging siding, shingles, or gutters. You might also experience leaks in your roof after particularly heavy rain. Some homeowners may even face roof damage due to fallen branches – in these cases, larger roofing projects may be needed. Whether you need to replace some missing shingles or get your roof inspected because you’ve noticed a leak, our team will be there for you.

Home Damage from High Winds

Storms of all severity levels are often accompanied by high winds, leaving homes across NJ vulnerable to damage. High winds can take shingles right off of your roof – we can easily solve this problem through shingle installation in a wide range of colors and styles. High winds can also bring down tree branches and cause roofing damage. We will gladly come to review the damage during a roof repair consultation and help you determine the best next steps for your home’s repair, including whether or not a roof replacement is required.

Hurricane Damage Repair New Jersey

When hurricanes occur in New Jersey, it is important to take stock of the state of your home after the storm and determine if any repairs need to be made. Hurricanes can cause damage to roofs, siding, and other elements of your home. Many homeowners often notice broken windows or leaky roofs after a hurricane, because of the heavy winds and rain these storms bring. American Home Contractors will be on hand to provide the right exterior home services to restore your home to its former condition after a hurricane in New Jersey.

Snow and Ice Damage Repair

Snowstorms are a very common part of NJ winters, often causing damage to homes throughout the state. Heavy snow can cause roofs to collapse, leaving a home in immediate need of repair. Snowstorms can also cause fallen branch damage, water damage, and damage to gutters. Home repairs are especially crucial in the winter, as damage from a storm needs to be addressed before potential future storms make it worse. It is also crucial to keep an eye out for ice dams during the winter, as they can cause additional damage to your roof if left unchecked. Our team at American Home Contractors will provide the exterior home services you need when you need them.

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Common Types of Storm Damage to NJ Homes

All storms are different, ranging in severity no matter what time of the year they occur. No one can predict what shape the exterior of their home will be in after a storm, and American Home Contractors is here to address any issues as quickly as possible so your home can continue to properly serve you and your family. As experts in several exterior home elements, we have the resources and skills needed to address both minor and major damages to your home following a thunderstorm, snowstorm, or hurricane, along with high wind damage. Common types of storm damage we repair in NJ include:

Missing shingles

Leaky roofs

Broken windows

Loose or disconnected gutters

Warped, chipped, cracked, or dented siding

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Next time you walk outside after a storm to find that the weather has damaged your home, give us a call at American Home Contractors! We make all home repair and restoration projects simple and stress-free, and we understand that repairs after a storm are a time-sensitive process. We will assess the damage and take the necessary steps to restore your home to its undamaged state. If damage is severe and a roof replacement is needed, we will help you choose the color, style, and roofing type that best suits you and your family. Our dedication to customer satisfaction has been the key to our success – we build successful relationships with our clients to ensure that every individual and family we work with is fully satisfied with the final result of their home repair or upgrade.

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